• New Life High School

    New Life High School

    Thousands of young people complete primary school and leave to go to cities or villages each year. Our experience after working with young people since 1978 is that these potentially talented young people stay at home for only one year and after that they are bored and feel the need to do something or go elsewhere especially to cities looking for jobs. Of course this can have a negative impact on their lives as they don’t get employed because they are not trained. Mission to Youth and Students New Life Ministries is establishing a secondary school and vocational training centre that will provide quality education and teach different trades […]

  • New Life Youth Camp

    New Life Youth Camp

    We’re really pleased to announce the dates for the New Life Youth Camp for the year 2018: The Youth camp will be held at Highland, Morogoro on the first week of June Email: newlifeband@gmail.com

  • Building the school

    Building the school

    It has been a busy year since January as we have been working on a new one storey girls hostel construction by putting on new roof and concrete floor. We now have 16 rooms that can accommodate 64 students and four additional class rooms on the ground floor.